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We have simplified the whole process into 3 easy to follow steps:


Register With Us

Open a free Paydais account by providing your basic personal information and activate it.


Make a Deposit

Choose a plan that best suits your budget and financial target. You can start with as low as $25.


Watch it Grow!

Just sit back and enjoy watching your Investment grow. Withdraw your profits instantly anytime.


We have compiled the answers for the questions that might commonly arise. However, if you don't find the answer you are looking for, we are just a mail away. Contact Us if needed.

What is Paydais Backup Fund?

Paydais Backup Fund (PBF) is a fund allocated from our working capital for ensuring the stability of Paydais. It is more like an emergency fund that will come handy to keep paying our members on time even while the market is down or if there is a prolonged draw down. Unlike our other trading funds, PBF doesn't enter high risky trades. We have initially allocated $500000.00 to PBF, which will be increased in future as Paydais grows. Anyone can view the performance of PBF or it's trading history by Clicking Here

The returns from PBF is lesser than the promised profits?

As we said earlier, PBF is just one of the many funds we handle, and its sole purpose is to ensure the stability of Paydais. The trading algorithm for this fund is programmed in such a way that the trading lots, capital load and exit strategy is focused more on the security towards investment and not on the high profits like our other funds.

How does Paydais generate profits for its members?

We transact in live currency markets using the deposit generated and make profit out of it which we further share with our depositors. Just like any successful business out there, our secret ingredient is our proprietary trading algorithm which we have gained and developed from our 15 years of combined experience in currency trading and related derivatives. However, we do believe in diversified Investment strategy and do Invest in other profitable zones like Stock, Commodities, Cryptocurrencies and more.

Is Paydais a registered company?

Paydais is not a company, it is a unique and streamlined investment management service brought to you by Acedais Ltd (24545 IBC 2018), a registered fund management company and forex broker incorporated under the laws of the state of St Vincent and the Grenadines, since January 2018.

Is there a Deposit and Withdrawal limits?

The minimum amount you can start with at Paydais is $25 and the maximum amount per deposit is $50000. When it comes to withdrawal, the minimum amount you can withdraw is $2 and there is no maximum limit, it depends on your deposit size and profit.

What are the payment cycles?

Payment cycle means the timeframe of the profit disbursement, say if you choose to invest in a plan that says Daily, you will have your profits added to your account same time daily until your deposit expires. We have different Investment plans with Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Bi-Annual and Yearly cycle, all plans includes 95% principal return when the deposit expires.

Why can't you make 100% Principal Return?

In finance there is nothing like lifetime returns. Any deposit must have a depreciation overtime to accommodate fresh inflows, further each deposit involves multiple transactions that attracts transaction fees which would look small but huge during long run, this depreciation helps us compensate that. The 5% you give away on your deposit is not actually a loss from your deposit but do consider it as a give away from the profits you make to ensure continued healthy service. We will be introducing bonuses time to time in order to compensate this. Hope you understand the importance of the existence of the 5% depreciation on principal amount. 

What are the payment modes accepted here?

We accept and pay using Perfect Money and Bitcoin. To transact at Paydais, you should have a digital wallet in any one of these payment methods. Keep watching our new and notifications for any addition or changes to payment systems.

Are the transactions really Instant?

Yes be it deposit or withdrawal, it happens instantly at Paydais. Only with Bitcoin or any future cryptos we add, the 3 confirmations rule exist which may delay the availability of the funds for spending even if it shows in your wallet instantly.

How do I update my payment information and email address?

For security reasons members are not allowed to change their payment information or email address directly in the settings section. Contact us from your registered email address to change your payment information. If you have lost access to your old email address, contact us with your username from a new email address, we will manually verify your identity and update your information.

How does the referral program work?

If you are happy with Paydais and would like to refer our service to your friends and family, the referral program helps you to do it along with an incentive. You will receive 5% of the deposit made by members you refer. It is not required for you to make a deposit first to refer people, the commissions are credited as soon as a downline deposit is processed. You can either use it to increase your deposit within the program or withdraw it to your wallet instantly. Just copy the referral link from your Account dashboard or from the referral management section, promote it and stay rewarded.

I am a rating or promotional service admin do we have a deal?

The deal is already on, just signup an account with us, grab your referral link and get paid 5% of the deposit generated from your promotion or listing. However, if you intend to contact us for a tiny payment towards listing/status or bringing in huge investors, please do not contact us since you may not receive a reply. Our marketing team scans for good programs where our service can be displayed efficiently time to time and make the listing or promotional choices. Most of all, we mainly focus on converting our existing clients and are not running short on investment.

Can I register multiple accounts from same computer?

Yes. As long as all there is a good reason behind it. We may suspend all related accounts using same computer if we find that such accounts are opened to manipulate the referral program. Hence if you open multiple accounts from same computer, make sure to clear the browser cache and do not use a referral link of a account that uses that computer or device.

Is Paydais legal in my country?

Not all countries accept high yielding investment program. It is your responsibility to check financial authorities of your country's official website or announcement before opening an account with Paydais. If it is found to be illegal or not acceptable based on your country's financial policies, please do not register an account. Technically or Practically, it is impossible for us to find and provide service to countries that accept such services, hence we strongly recommend that you make related searches and act accordingly.