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The New Look for Paydais

Jun-12-2020 05:25:23 AM
Greetings. After the initial soft opening period of 30 days, we are now equipped with everything we need to proceed with our lasting (in our best hope) Investment journey and incredible profits. Not to the Trading, but we are new to this type of retail Investment service and it worked. Thanks to our ground-breaking trading algo and Investments Management strategy that enables us to deliver the promised profits on time every time.

There are no huge changes in the way we operate from here, however we have Increased the minimum profit from 0.5% Daily to 1% Daily for the Daily Investment Plan. Further, we have imposed a 5% fee on Deposit Return to ensure the Industry standard depreciation on original Investment, more information on this can be found in FAQ section. Please plan your profit withdrawals accordingly.

Additionally, during our soft run, we have partnered with various Listing websites and have noticed number of non-performing services, possibly many of them are being handled by same person, some of the services even tried to withdraw their original deposit bonus to our surprise. Hence, we decided to remove all those non-performing listing sites from the system and suspend the accounts related. We can’t be paying for nothing and when it comes to Investment, every penny counts right. The non-performing sites are differentiated based on the traffic they deliver, referral signups, their website management efforts and finally the Investment they bring in (Obviously, it is the exposure we expect from these sites and so we didn’t very much concentrate on how much Investment they brought). However, these site admins will receive the profits they made from their bonus deposits.

Rest assured, we will keep moving forward.
With Best Regards
Paydais Management Team

Referral Slabs Removed

May-15-2020 11:23:09 AM
The slabs in referral system has been removed. Previously it was, 1 to 5 refs makes 2%, 6 to 10 refs 3%, 11 and more refs make 5%. But now you can start making 5% referral Commision right from your first referral deposit.

Service Opened for New Registration

May-7-2020 09:29:49 PM
After various efforts and tests, Paydais is now open for new investors. We have started with 5 plans initially that includes Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Bi-Annually and Yearly payment cycle. Three promotional banners are available in the promo section of the member’s only are, hopefully it helps members to introduce Paydais to their friends and family effectively.

We offer 5% referral commission and you don’t need to make a deposit to earn referral commission. For professional promoters, we do have RCB setup in the profile section, using which you can transfer a part of the commission you make from your direct referrals, to their account automatically, and thus encouraging them to actively take part in the Investment programs offered here.

Currently we accept only Perfect Money, however we will constantly keep working towards adding more. We thank you in advance for your interest in joining with us and we at our best efforts will make sure to deliver enhanced profits for your Investment.

With Best regards
Paydais Administrator