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If yes, and if you intend to contact us with one of your offers, please wait. You may not receive a reply from us. Being a part of $4M market cap company, though we are new to retail Investments we do have a large base of existing Investors who are utilising our other products and these Investors were acquired from our direct sources, hence we are never short of Investors and our promotional efforts is focused mainly on the conversion of our existing clients into our new program. Occasionally, our marketing team chooses a monitoring service to list our program to acquire new client base, however we choose the listing sites very carefully based on their reputation, uniqueness and quality of service rendered. During our soft open, we did notice a few genuine Investment Services monitoring and listing websites, however we also came across hefty number of scammers who either take a fee for "Paying" status, keep asking for more money, blackmailing or just run away with the money paid. After all, anyone can start an Investment service or monitoring service with readymade scripts these days and we don't want to encourage such Ponzi services. If you are still interested in promoting our service, just open a free account, we do have a referral system that pays 5% commission on deposits you bring, you really don't have to make any deposit to refer or earn commission or withdraw your commission instantly. We are not criticising or trying bad stamp any business model here, we are just trying to explain our policy on promoting our service. Thank you for understanding.