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Why Choose Paydais?

Our 15 years of expertise in currency markets and related derivatives combined with our unique high-performance investment management strategy is something that you can count on for an enhanced return on your Investments.  

High Performing Algorithm

Our proprietary automated trading algorithm makes us unbeatable when it comes to profits in live markets. We have 100% success rate. 

Ensuring the Stability

We don’t limit ourselves to only currency trading, our diversified Investment strategy ensures fund inflows even while the markets are down.

Instantaneous Transactions

We don’t keep our members waiting. Be it processing deposit or profit withdrawals, all transactions related to your account is Instant and Automated. 

Direct Referral Program

We offer 5% referral commission from deposits made by your direct referral. You are not required to make a deposit to earn commission.

How about a $500k backup fund?

Choosing the right Investment Management company is the first and foremost task, which you should handle wisely for a lasting profit journey. Though there are various reasons on why people choose us to handle their money, the prime of all are our dedication, transparency and consistency. However, we do understand that a regular internet surfer would’ve come across many fancy introduction and fake programs that showcases itself as a lord of all trades just to lure your money. Well, that’s not the case when it comes to Paydais. Click the link below to see the live performance of one of our funds dedicated to ensuring the stability of Paydais. PBF is contributed from our working capital and will be increased as the program grows.
Paydais Backup Fund

It’s usual to get Intimidated when it comes to Investments!

and that is why, smart people choose professionals to manage their money. Just signup for a free Paydais account, choose an Investment Package that best suits your budget, sit back and enjoy the profits. You don’t have to go through any typical trading hassles like drawdown stresses, market picking, learning charts and indicators, etc. Since we do the Math for you.

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